Filter change good timing or need new tank water filter

Well, we got a new fish from a small pet shop where I thought they would have new filter for the Tap Water Filter we use to filter the water for the fish tank. They said they hadn't carried them in years. So, like I said, we got a new fish from them. A malen Platy which at PetCo would have been listed as a Blue Dalmation Platy. This guy just had his Platies all together in one tank, which, in essence, makes sense.

Guy said he could get a filter for me, but it'd take a week to get it in. I'll have to remember to talk to him about other ways to filter the fish water before putting it in. He mentioned a Reverse Osmosis system would be the best bang for the buck over the long term, but we don't have the room for that type of system.

Like I said, we picked up a new Male Platy.

Need to also confirm with him whether Pineapple Swordfish are Mollies or not.

Had good timing with this water change. I look in and see the tank filter is overflowing, which is indicative of the filter itself being blocked. This one lasted only two weeks or so. The previous filter lasted about three weeks, so it could be due to the extra fish, that means more crap to block from going back in.

We'll see. I'll keep an eye on the situation.

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