New Fish, Cleaning tank and new tank filter!

We went to the store and got another fish to replace the one that died today. Picked up a few new plant decorations, a couple that glow in the dark.

The new fish is a female Gold Twinbar Platy.

We had a bit of a shock when we finished cleaning the rock strata of the tank and filled the tank. Went to go plug the tank filter back in and it didn't work. Nothing happened. Added water, tried the wall socket. Nothing. So, we made an emergency run to Wal-Mart to pick up a new tank filter. Fortunately, they had tank filters in the fish section of the Pet Supplies. Would never get fish from them, however. Their tanks have no decoration for the fish to use or interact with. Not even rock strata. They had a few dead fish in their tanks, but that almost seems normal. Not even much of a selection, though.

So, we grabbed an Aqua-Tech 5-15 Power Filter and rushed home to get it set up. Or else it would have been until after 9am this morning before we would have had a new tank filter set up.

We'll stop by the pet store today and pick up a new tank filter like our old one and swap when we get home. The one from Wal-Mart just bought us some time.

We also tossed our old gallon jugs and picked up 9 new ones. Will be operating on a system of 3 gallons each week. Every 4th week, will do a cleaning of the tank. Tank filter will just be replaced when it's needed.

Well, probably should do attendance again:

1 Long-finned Danio
1 Neon Red Glofish Danio
1 Neon Green Glofish Danio
1 Male Blue Mickey Mouse Platy
1 Female Cremesicle Lyretail Molly
1 Female Pineapple Swordtail Molly
1 Male Silver Molly
1 Male Red Wag Platy
1 Clown Plecostmus

And our newest member of the family:

1 Female Gold Twinbar Platy

Hope the newbie isn't stressed by the affections of the two males or the males don't fight too much over her.

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