Spectacular Moon trailer

Head on over to BadAstronomy.org for one of the best trailers I've seen to get us back going to the Moon and potentially beyond.


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I hate drama.

Yesterday, a friend of mine from my cult in Gothador, " Quintin", decided to up and leave my cult after having been with us for almost a year now without saying one word to myself or the other co-owners as to his intentions or why. We had to ask him why afterward.
Suffice it to say that while I wish him well in his endeavours in his new cult, I do wish Quintin had mentioned something to myself or the other co-owners so we could have prepared for this.
It is going to be a while for us to catch up to where we were before Quintin and his bonded and her alt left.

In a previous game I used to play, Vampires, which took place on a map everyone called Ravenblack City, drama seemed to be the driving force behind it as the creator of the game rarely ever added new features. I mean, once you had all the powers, which you could either do through quests or pay cash money for them, your choices were essentially fight, suck blood a hell of a lot, get a huge bank account, or become a drama magnet, which can involve several of the previous things.
Believe me, I got into quite a bit of things both shallow and deep into drama and several degrees in between.

If I want drama, believe you me, I'd rather watch wrestling or argue with someone.

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Still new to this, so bear with me...

Hopefully, the more I do this, the better I get. Or at least that is the theory...

Today at work, we had to do some training as it's audit time and as I'm new, I need to get caught up on things.
As I'm walking to the conference room in the other building across the parking lot, I spot this little bunny rabbit scrunched up in the gutter next to the curb. I leaned down and saw that it was just shaking like a leaf, it was so scared. I just smiled and went on my way to my training.
Three hours later, after the boring training was over and we all were heading back to work, I looked in the spot I saw it in before and it wasn't there. I looked around and didn't see any remains, so I'm guessing it got out of there when it had the chance.
When I was looking at the bunny, I remembered what I had read in the newspaper the day before about little animals you find lying around. My local Department of Natural Resources says to not touch or pick them up as more than likely they are not abandoned or injuried, just trying something new for the first time or are crossing those huge patches of human things we call roads, 
parking lots or what have you.
In other words, it's best to leave the wild animals alone.

Until next time, whenever that may be...

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Best explain what's going on...

Well, since I seem to be attracting notice here, I'd better introduce myself.

On here, my name is Goliath. Those of you that know my real name, please don't use it here.

I am a 26 year old Democratic atheist and damned proud of it! :p

I love watching TV and absolutely love my DVR. With it, I can record alot more shows than I used to be able to.

I'll be posting here when I feel like it, probably to make some weird observation or vent or something.

Short and sweet this time, I guess.

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New carnival starting soon!

Daylight Athiesm is starting a new carnival to compliment http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_10.html called the Humanist Symposium: http://www.daylightatheism.org/2007/04/announcing-the-humanist-symposium.html

More below the break...

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pissing around....







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Wow! Atheist in a mini van hits 100 and more...

Well, Atheist in a mini van has hit her 100th blog post and she regales us with the story about her 3rd kid's baptism. Please, check it out: http://possummomma.blogspot.com/2007/04/100th-post-holy-binky-batman.html

Also I have added quite a few more links/blogs to the blogroll. I know that isn't what it's for, but I kinda want to share all this with you. I have pasted those below for your convenience.

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Blogroll started =========>

Ok, put up a few Blogs I absolutely love and read damn near every entry that shows up in my newsfeeds.

I'll be adding more as I get more newsfeeds and have access to the ones I want to add.

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