Diet Day 3


slept in until 12pm today.

Total breakfast calories: n/a


1 Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy Lemon Meringue Yogurt
1 Turkey Burger w/American Cheese
2 Dannon DanActive Immunity Vanilla Probiotic Dairy Drink

Total lunch calories: 595


1 No Name Premium Chicken Breast
1 Mr. Dee's Hash Brown Potato Patty

Total dinner calories: 220

Total for day in calories consumed: 815

Exercise time and speed: 1 hour at 3mph.

Weighed myself just after I took a shower and it says I'm down to 277.5. Of course, that is sans clothing, so add a few pounds to adjust for that.
Developed a blister that broke on my little toe of my left foot. Gonna stay bare-footed until I go for the walk tomorrow. Will use a band-aid on it if I can.

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