Job search Day 12: Interviews and a mini-vacation

Haven't been doing all that much in regards to job search this week. Neighbor blaring stereo into wall makes me want to destroy his equipment or kill him moreso than look for a job. Been on a few interviews, so didn't have much in the way of desire before or after to really apply for other positions.


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Job search Day 8: 25 jobs applied to. Or adventures with auto-apply.

Date: 2/18/08
Position: Instrument Repair Technician
Company/Temp Agency: ITC Medical
City: Roseville
Source: Dunwoody Career Services

Got a response from a Diane Norton last Friday afternoon about the job I put above. She wanted a more thorough explanation of my job history and where I found out about the job. Thing is, I mention where I find the job in the first sentence in the first paragraph in my cover letter. Always do.

Tried a site's auto-apply feature. Good and bad things about it. Good thing is that I applied to quite a lot of positions in just one day. Bad thing is, most of the positions that were applied to, I didn't qualify for or never would apply to in the first place. So, I stopped the auto-apply feature. Means I'll have to do the work myself now, but at least I'll know what I'm applying for.

Since last Wednesday I've applied to 25 positions, which are listed below in chronological order.


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Job search day 3, again

Yesterday, I did my minimum early in the morning then just never got back around to looking for more jobs later in the day. So, I'll post those from yesterday along with todays.

I think I did ok with 13 jobs applied to. Probably gonna have to apply to hundreds before I get a job let alone one I want.

Like last time, jobs applied to listed below the jump.


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Back at it again.... unfortunately

Time to start looking for yet another job. I swear it sometimes makes me so frustrated that it makes me want to go on a rampage.


Trying a new thing this time. Am keeping track of all jobs applied to in an Excel Database. It's a little neater than before plus I can keep track of when I apply and how long it's been before a response.

If I apply to at least 5 jobs per day, I'll be happy. Going to do as many as I feel comfortable with each weekday.

Jobs applied to this morning listed below the jump.


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