Best explain what's going on...

Well, since I seem to be attracting notice here, I'd better introduce myself.

On here, my name is Goliath. Those of you that know my real name, please don't use it here.

I am a 26 year old Democratic atheist and damned proud of it! :p

I love watching TV and absolutely love my DVR. With it, I can record alot more shows than I used to be able to.

I'll be posting here when I feel like it, probably to make some weird observation or vent or something.

Short and sweet this time, I guess.

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Blogroll started =========>

Ok, put up a few Blogs I absolutely love and read damn near every entry that shows up in my newsfeeds.

I'll be adding more as I get more newsfeeds and have access to the ones I want to add.

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