4th week of the year...

Well, we ended up getting 5 new fish last Saturday while taking in the Male Guppy and the Male Red Wag Swordtail Molly.

Everyone appears much happier now without the bully around.

I swear that the Danios we got must be part shark cause they are almost constantly moving about the tank.

Just did water change this week. Will clean tank next week.

Replaced tank filter yesterday as well.

After filling gallon jugs, will replace water filter with new.

Best put up new list of fish we have:

1 Long-finned Danio
1 Neon Red Glofish Danio
1 Neon Green Glofish Danio
1 Male Blue Mickey Mouse Platy
1 Female Cremesicle Lyretail Molly

And the ones that stayed over from before:

1 Female Pineapple Swordtail Molly
1 Male Silver Molly
1 Male Red Wag Platy
1 Female Hi-Fin Red Wag Platy
1 Clown Plecostmus

So, we now have 10 fish. And they are doing much better now that we have removed the bully from their midst.

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