Computer problems 2

Remind me in the spring to never try for a Pick 6 at Canterbury Park. I may very well lose my life in the next week after that.

I take my computer in to Best Buy and GeekSquad. They say, eesentially, it's hosed and there is nothing you can do about it.
Update on Spyware: Turns out it was one of the worst kinds out there. You need a special download from a site in order to remove it from your computer. Well, with it blasting your screen with pop-ups every few seconds, that is incredibly hard to do. Sheesh.

So I end up buying a new computer with Windows Vista on it. So, fine, they transfer everything over that I wanted and I take it home. So nice and shiny with new keyboard and new mouse. Very nice. I go to install the drivers for my Kensington Mouse & Keyboard combo. Disk says only for Windows XP & 2k. Well, they were right. So right that it froze up my machine and not even the original mouse and keyboard wouldn't work. Turns out Kensington don't have drivers out for Vista yet.

Bought new Keyboard/Mouse combo while at the store this time. They are from Microsoft, so probably after installing the drivers, I should be good.

Word of warning/advice: For the next year or two, if it don't say Windows Vista on it, don't even touch it. You even try to install it, your machine will freeze up, do a triple somersault in mid-air and crash back down before you can say "Hard drive crash." The worst mistake Microsoft ever made: Not making Vista backwards compatable.

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