Dilemma Updated & solved

GF™ "hinted" that I should take the Celestica position and so I did, mainly to avoid arguing with her.

Been there a week in what's called Packout where I prepare all the boards they send out for Shipping. Working on 2nd shift as well, 3:30pm to 1:30am.

This coming Monday I'm going in for a Soldering class. I took the test a week ago this past Friday and soldered everthing but a large, square, many pinned chip which I was only able to tack down before time ran out. Officially I guess I failed, but given that I haven't touched a soldering iron since last July, I say I did pretty darn good.
The class will be during the day, 7am to 3pm, and I have the option to work late if I so wish. Would be overtime, of course. I'll have to think about it.

Through talking with other employees there, Celestica is one of those companies where they will "ramp up" production for a few months and then lay a whole bunch of people off at once. I hate that practice as it essentially is just pulling everyone's strings in that they make them think they have a job, then pull the rug out from under them without even telling them. Their version of laying temps off? Cutting their badge off from working on the scanner lock to get in the building. I'd be royally pissed if someone did that to me. The way it should be done is to get everyone in one room and tell them some bullshit excuse in the middle or toward the end of the day and then collect the badges on the way out the door. It may be more expensive in terms of security, but at least you're being upfront with them instead of them coming to work and them finding out they could have slept another 24 fucking hours and no one would have given a crap.

Like I said, I hate that practice, but I also realised while waiting for packages at the Packout that my resume sucks a lot and that I have to compromise my ethics for now to get time in and proof on my resume that at the drop of a hat, I'm gone from a company. I do know that after 5-6 months, I will be looking for a job elsewhere that is direct hire. It'll be grueling, but worth it.

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