I hate drama.

Yesterday, a friend of mine from my cult in Gothador, " Quintin", decided to up and leave my cult after having been with us for almost a year now without saying one word to myself or the other co-owners as to his intentions or why. We had to ask him why afterward.
Suffice it to say that while I wish him well in his endeavours in his new cult, I do wish Quintin had mentioned something to myself or the other co-owners so we could have prepared for this.
It is going to be a while for us to catch up to where we were before Quintin and his bonded and her alt left.

In a previous game I used to play, Vampires, which took place on a map everyone called Ravenblack City, drama seemed to be the driving force behind it as the creator of the game rarely ever added new features. I mean, once you had all the powers, which you could either do through quests or pay cash money for them, your choices were essentially fight, suck blood a hell of a lot, get a huge bank account, or become a drama magnet, which can involve several of the previous things.
Believe me, I got into quite a bit of things both shallow and deep into drama and several degrees in between.

If I want drama, believe you me, I'd rather watch wrestling or argue with someone.

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