Extreme Race Day

Went to Canterbury's Extreme Race Day this afternoon.

Since most of these races weren't normal, I'm not going to type it up as I normally would.

Everything below the fold.

Extreme Race Day

Race 1:
....Beat the Clock Challenge
......Horses race against the clock one at a time and those with the fastest times are the Win, Place, Show horses

We arrived with 10 minutes to spare before the day started. I decided to sit out the race just so I could get comfortable before rushing to make a bet.

Race 2:
....Dash In A Flash
......100-yard dash in front of Grandstand

James: Exacta Box w/5,6 & 5 to win.
Lisa: Dime Superfecta Box with 2,3,4,6 & 2,3,5,6
.....-Won $7.96 due to Dead Heat with 3rd Place.

Race 3:
......1-mile Turf

James: 2 to Win, 3 & 5 to Place and Exacta Box with 2,5.
.....-Won $2.60
Lisa: 2,3 & 2,5 Exacta Boxes

Race 3.5:
....Ostrich Race
......Five Ostriches race in front of the Grandstand.

Only 2 jockeys were able to hold onto their respective rides across the finish line.

Race 4:
....Blazing Saddles Part 1
......3.5 furlongs

James: 5 to Win, 4,6 to Place & Trifecta Box with 5,6,2
.....-Won $3.80 for 5 to Win.
Lisa: 5 to Place & Exacta Boxes with 5,6 & 2,6
.....-Won $2.80 for 5 to Place

Race 5:
....Blazing Saddles Part 2
......3.5 furlongs

James: 2,3,5,7 Dime Superfecta Box
Lisa: 2,3,5,7 & 3,4,5,7 Dime Superfecta Boxes
Neither of us won anything.

Race 6:
....Battle of the Sexes
......18 horses split over the dirt and turf tracks. Males on the dirt versus the females on the turf.

Note: Turf won last year

Dirt won this year but the gate for the turf horses malfunctioned and did not let the horses out on time. The race was scrubbed and all bets were refunded.

Race 7: ....Around & Around They Go
......2 1/16 mile Race

James: 4,5 to Place & 4,5,7,8 Dime Superfecta Box
Lisa: 5,6,8,10 Dime Superfecta Box & 6 to Place & 10 to Show
.....-Won $4.20 for 10 to Show

Race 7.5: ....Camel Battle
......Four Camels race in front of the Grandstand.

Four trainers of the horses hopped on to the camels for this race. And all stayed on across the finish line. Back Train won this year.

Race 8: ......5.5 furlongs

James: Trifecta Box with 2,6,7 & 3,5 to Place & 8 to Show
.....-Won $5.60 for 5 to Place
Lisa: Dime Superfecta Boxes of 2,5,6,7 & 3,5,6,7
.....-Won $8.43 for Dime Superfecta.

We went home at this point even though there were a couple more races on the card. Running low on money for bets, mainly.

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