Cleaned, changed & everyone is fine

Changed 6 gallons of water today after skipping last week due to being at the cabin.

While the water level was down, I did as best of a clean job as I could and rearranged the decorations around. Didn't have to, but since I needed to clean the rock strata, I figured, what the hell.


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Changed & Cleaned H2O

Changed out 3.33 gallons of water.

Used the vacuum and a baby sock to clean a little of the rock strata. Did so until water was too cloudy. Sock really dirty. Had them black in the past, though. To do a complete cleaning of rock, will need to remove decor and take water level down to about half. Will have to consider doing so soon..

Replaced water filter with our final one. Estimate August is when a new water filtration system will be needed. Or start ordering from Aquarium Pharmacueticals through their retailers.


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Delay or things just fine

Haven't posted in a couple weeks. Things're just fine. Work issues.

Changed the tank water twice. 3 gallons and 4 gallons each respectively. Replaced tank filter during second water change.

Fish appear just fine. One seems to be pregnant yet again, but we know these fish can have up to 5 litters or whatever the term is, from one impregnantion.

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