Full cleaning and sick and dead fish

Found the Sunshine Platy right on the heater. Probably died and floated up and over to the heater. When I fished it out, there was a gapping hole in its side. Damn.

Cleaned the rock strata as best as I could. Used two socks in the process. We use toddler socks as filters for the water. Put the sick over the end of the hose and then turn the pump on, sock will hold the dirt and crap and the water will go right through.

I removed everything to clean the rock strata and I put everything back, but in a different configuration, theory being that it will cause the fish to redo their territories.

I worry about our fish sometimes. They can be real doofuses(doofi?).

The female Pineapple Swordtail Molly has what appears to be either ich or freshwater velvet on it.
The female Hi-Fin Red Wag Platy has taken up an odd habit. She'll sit between one of the plants and the glass, vertically. As in, her nose will be pointed up to the surface of the water.
The female Silver Molly has had an odd S-shape to her body almost from the day we got her. Don't know how it happened. Anyway, earlier this week, I noticed it was wobbling back and forth a bit, but that seems to have gone away. Whether it's due to just acclimating again to everything or not, don't know.

Suupose I'd better do a weekly attendance, given that we've lost a couple fish and may add one or two more.

1 Female Pineapple Swordtail Molly
1 Male Red Swordtail Molly
1 Female Silver Molly
1 Male Guppy
1 Female Hi-Fin Red Wag Platy
1 Male Red Wag Platy
1 Clown Plecostmus

Knowing GF™, she may insist more so than usual about getting a new one. Will post if that's the case.

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