Week in review

-Monday, Tuesday and Thursday walked for 1 hour on treadmill, averaging 2.3-2.6 miles each time.

-Interviewed for jobs on Thursday and Friday. If either one comes through, will more than likely start in 2008. Have interview scheduled for next Thursday, December 27th.

-Saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets last night. Very good movie. It reminds me of the Indiana Jones trilogy, but a more modern sense in that it's happening in modern times and it involves the lead character's family. Although, if there is a third one, and economically, they'd be stupid not to do so, it would be almost surprising where they pull the gold from. In the first, it was a treasure that any one nation shouldn't have. This time, it was the legendary lost city of gold.

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Just got home from my first interview after being laid off. It was for a company called AVI Systems. I kinda know the area where they are located a little, always think I'd make a killing if I were to put a gas station over there as there doesn't seem to be one within about a mile of the nearest highway. Horrible if you run out of gas in that area, ya know.
Kinda doubt I'll get the position, but I'm hoping. *crosses fingers*


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Jobless again and more

I shouldn't be angry with my old boss, but I guess I am, a little.
Yesterday, I go to work, not thinking anything is wrong. Work the whole day. GF™ calls at 5pm saying she just got up and says that we'll be going out for supper, since nothing was thawed. I hang up and then a minute later, she calls again. The temp agency I was going through for this job just called like a second after she hung up the phone. I was laid off.
The thing I'm upset about is that I have to find out at the end of the day when my boss is there the entire time. Now, granted, he may not have known when I got to work that morning, but as soon as he knew, he should have pulled me to the side and let me decide if I want to leave right then to start looking for a job or wait until the end of the day. Calling the temp aganecy is more of a formality, in my opinion, because obviously I'm more than likely going to be calling them up and telling them they let me go.


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