Interviews with an addition

Been quite a day today.

Had an interview with Medtronic and added two new fish to our tank.

This morning, the GF™ and I each had interviews with a couple of men at Medtronic. Now, the schedule we both first got was for me to go first at 8am followed by her at 9am. She decides to come with me and stay out in the car listening to the radio(Stephanie Miller).
So, I go inside and get my badge and wait for the person who needs to escort me around and all that. After being taken to the conference room where the interview is supposed to take place, come to find out that the schedule had changed and was never e-mailed to us and that GF™ was supposed to be interviewed at the same time as me. So, I described what my vehicle looked like and the person who escorted me in went out and knocked on the car door and got GF™ to come in.
While all that was happening, I was being interviewed by the first guy I saw. Nice guy. Hope to work with him if I ever get a job at Medtronic.
After about 30 minutes or so, he left and the 2nd guy I interviewed with came in. He seemed nicer than the first guy. Found out that he heads a different area than first guy and will have an opening come November and is essentially piggy-backing on first guy's interviews so to cut down the time to get a person for his own area. Makes sense to me.
Once I was done with the second guy, he escorted me out where I met GF™ at the receptionist's desk where I checked in.

After that, we headed to McD's for breakfast. They started Monopoly again. We try and try every time, but we never win anything beyond the instant win stuff. Ugh.

Home we go and eat. Early afternoon GF™ goes out for an errand. She comes back after about 90 minutes or so. Little bit later she says she wants to get another fish.
We have had fish for the better part of the past 3 years or so. We currently have a Clown Plecostmus, a Cory Catfish, male and female Pineapple Swordtail Mollies, a male Sunset Fire Wag Platy, a female Sunset Platy and 2 male Guppies. All of whom are in a 16.5 gallon bow tank.
So we head to PetCo and end up picking up a female Red Wag Platy and a female Silver Molly. We got females with the idea being that the current pairs maybe too stressed out when it comes to mating, but I haven't see them be aggressive, to be quite frank.
I introduce them to the tank after letting the bag sit in the tank water for 20 minutes. The idea is for the new additions to acclimate to the tank water. Man, I don't know all the specifics, but whatever. After the new fish are in the tank, the older fish kinda go after them a bit, which isn't surprising, if you think about it. New strangers being added to your territory, wouldn't you be a bit curious/aggressive/what-have-you? Once the new fish have acclimated and the old fish are still going after them, yeah, then it is aggression, in my mind.
I'm cleaning the tank Friday so if anything pops up, I'll just reorganise the decorations and everyone will find their new territories. Should work.

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