Job search Day 12: Interviews and a mini-vacation

Haven't been doing all that much in regards to job search this week. Neighbor blaring stereo into wall makes me want to destroy his equipment or kill him moreso than look for a job. Been on a few interviews, so didn't have much in the way of desire before or after to really apply for other positions.

Tuesday I went down and talked with a couple guys at Adecco Technical. They got me an interview over at a company called Carestream Health the next day, Wednesday. I went over the afternoon of the day specified and talked with the guyI was told to met with. I suppose I asked the wrong questions and seemed a bit too eager to do more work than what they wanted. They have things set up where you do this amount on their medical printers within 1 hour. Ultimately, the guy told Adecco Technical that he thought I wouldn't be a good fit there.


Wednesday morning, I got a call from Pro Staff and since I had talked with them back in October and due to starting at MagStar Technologies, the paperwork didn't get done. They wanted me to come in Friday morning. I'll discuss this later.

So, Thursday morning, I get a call from Strom Engineering. They got me my short stint at Digi International. They saw my resume on CareerBuilder or Monster and thought I'd be a great fit at this position they had up in Monticello. I agreed to go for an interview that afternoon. I get cleaned up and drive the 40 minutes up to Monticello, which I find out thanks to Mapquest, is closer to Annandale and my aunt and uncle's farm than it is my place. Company is called Washburn Computer Group. Work would've been similar to Digi International, but difference being I now have a couple years more experience on where I was at Digi. I did a soldering test while I was there and thought I did pretty good for someone who hadn't touched a soldering iron since last July. Wasted the afternoon Thursday by doing this. Hope I didn't waste my time as well, given that I haven't heard from Strom Engineering yet on this position. This means one of two things. Either they haven't made up their minds yet or they said no and the guy at Strom just didn't get around to telling me yet. The position seemed to be fun. At least to me.

Thursday while I was gone, I got an e-mail from a guy with Technisource, a staffing agency merging with Spherion. Says I applied to a position that he had posted on Dice.
[more than likely happened in the mass application last Saturday]
He calls me, and after some discussion of what I've done while on the phone, asks me to answer what I've done with what the job calls for. And he sets up a meeting for the following day, today, for me to come in and talk with him more about everything. So, I do the best I can and send it in to him.

Friday morning.

So, I get up and have cereal before I get ready to head over to Pro Staff.

I head over and show up with about 15 minutes to go before my scheduled time. In my view, things were a bit unprofessionally handled in that there was no receptionist sitting at the desk when I walked in. I was standing and walking around for about 10 minutes while a couple rooms had people talking in them. Maybe it's just me, but you would think someone in those rooms would see me standing there and at least pop their head out to see if I've been helped or not. Would've taken 30 seconds and they could've gotten back to their discussion.
{takes deep cleansing breath and lets it out}
Once someone was flagged down to help me, things went faster. Of course, someone also stayed at the front desk as well. I did the paperwork and the test they wanted me to do. Much simpler than the one from last week with Excel Staffing. We went into a room and discussed my resume and what I was looking for in a position and then I went home.

After a brief respite I printed off directions to the Technisource office from Mapquest. Surprisingly accurate this time.

I get there a few minutes early and good enough because I head down the wrong hallway at first. But I eventually find the place. Walk in and again, no one at the receptionist's desk. However, after a couple minutes, a guy walks in and I tell him who I'm there to see. He says he'll go find him. I sit down and a couple minutes later, the guy I am there to see comes walking in the from door, apologetic, but otherwise glad to see me. The receptionist leads me into a room with a spectacular view of everything below. I sit down and just take it all in while I wait. I especially enjoy watching what I believed to be two falcons or eagles just gently floating on the thermals coming up from the asphalt and concrete ground below. A few minutes later, the guy I am supposed to meet comes in and we talk about the position, which is at Thermo King nearby. After we thoroughly discuss everything I have done in all my jobs I fill out some paperwork and then I head home. Not long after I get home, he sends me a copy of what he's done to my resume and I gotta say, it's certainly better than anything I could have come up with. I love it.

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