Just got home from my first interview after being laid off. It was for a company called AVI Systems. I kinda know the area where they are located a little, always think I'd make a killing if I were to put a gas station over there as there doesn't seem to be one within about a mile of the nearest highway. Horrible if you run out of gas in that area, ya know.
Kinda doubt I'll get the position, but I'm hoping. *crosses fingers*

Yesterday I went to the gym here in my apartment complex and did just over a half hour on the treadmill just walking. Almost winded, so I stopped. Will work myself up slowly to 1 full hour on the treadmill. Someone had a brilliant idea and put a large fan on the floor pointed toward the treadmill. I had it on and it really helped so I wasn't sweating so much. Made it so it was my endurance that made me stop and not the sweat from excersizing.

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