New Tank Filter or More of A Change Than Usual

Froze one fish, replaced one tank filter and swapped out almost 5 gallons of water tonight.

The male Silver Molly had his S-Curve condition come back even worse than before this time. Not only did he have the curve, but he was struggling to maintain anything between straight up and 90° to the side. Plus, he was having trouble swimming and breathing. No stress this time from any of the other fish. So, I did the humane thing. I grabbed him in a net and put him in a bag of water and deposited it all in the freezer so he could be put out of his misery.

We'll pick up a new Molly tomorrow after the store opens.

This being the third week since we put on the temporary tank filter, I thus swapped out that one for a new one that was similar if not the same model we had before. I say that because it takes the same size filters as our old tank filter.

I was going through the instruction booklets on this new one and it says to clean the impeller and intake tube monthly. That could have been why we lost the previous tank filter. We never cleaned the impeller or the intake tube and thus crude probably built up enough to where it burned out the motor. Shall have to remember to get one that in a couple months or so, after the new BIO-Wheel gets its new colony of bacteria and such going.

The rock strata appeared to be very dirty and I speculate it is, but I'm not going to do a thorough cleaning until the water filter is done and we have to switch. That reminds me. I gotta look and see if these water filters are available either elsewhere here in the cities or online. Or we have to find a new way to filter the fish water before we put it in. So, I sucked out appoximately 4 gallons from the tank and ended up using 4 and two thirds due to refill from evaporation and priming the new tank filter.

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