Wand Corporation Job testing & interview

Went for testing at Wand Corporation for what turned out to be a Help Desk Technician position for them. Passed both tests and scored perfect in the areas I knew I was going to and utterly failed those that I didn't have experience in.

One of the questions was if the customer was rude to me, what I would do and I had to choose amoung 4 choices. I chose the one where I would hang up on them if they were rude. Turns out I would have been fired for that.

I had an interview with the manager/supervisor of the Help Desk and he explained everything and when I brought up the question, he said that while they didn't have a policy about that situation, they do try everything within their power to make the customer happy. He also said that while I didn't have the necessary skills for the position, he has gone to bat for others he felt would be worth being trained in for the position.
Reason why I would have been fired is had that customer been with their biggest account($10 billion!!!), it would have worked its way up the chain of command and eventually back and I would have been in big trouble for hanging up on a customer.
Guy I interviewed with said they have a lot of overtime and minimum hours for each week are about 45 hours and mandatory every other Saturday working with a day off during the week. I don't know about the overtime as I'm afraid GF™ will moan and groan a bit plus she may moan about the Saturdays as well.
In my opinion, the add was a bit misleaded for the job. The title on it was Computer Technician, not Help Desk Technician.
I'll actually receive a reponse on this one whether they will hire me on or not. Given the way the guy that interviewed me talked, I'm hoping he doesn't stick his neck out for me. I'd rather he didn't and then I disappoint him, ya know?

When I got home there was a voice mail message for GF™. I listened to it, kinda have to in order to delete it. When I heard what was required of it, I knew I'd be perfect for it. However, if I were to give it to GF™, she may blow it off or forget to tell them about me. So, I did a little faux pas and called for myself.
So far, everything seems fine. Especially since I won't be telling GF™ about the initial call.

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