Water filter change, Water change and rock cleaning

Just got done changing water in fish tank.

While in there, I took everything out and cleaned the rock strata on the bottom. We had an algea growth going up all sides of the tank, so I took the algea scrub brush and got as much as I could, vaccuming up the algea that came loose so hopefully it would get caught by the sock filter we use. And that sock filter had so much dirt, I could see it through the sock.
With everything out, I moved the air hose around to the opposite side of the tank from where it used to come in. Amazingly enough, with the algea all gone from the side of the tank, the sucker attachment actually stuck to the side of the tank.

Our Clown Plecostmus is getting rather big, and I don't mean in a growth kind of way. It could have been the distortion of the tank, but I think it's fat. If fish even get fat.

*does web search*

Ok, that was no help. It could be sick. Definitely ain't preggers as we only have the one and I think it's male anyway.

After I filled the tank with new water, I inspected the water filter and knew I had changed it previously 2 weeks ago as of this coming Sunday. It probably wasn't close to needing a change, but I felt I should.

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