Cured Sickness or Unlucky Molly

We had our latest acquisition, the Black male Molly, die on us this past Monday. Found it hidden behind the treasure chest, under the tank filter and tucked under a fake plant.

I swear, it's the 3rd or 4th one to die on us in a row. GF™ is insistant on a so-called even number of fish. I'd rather follow the hints and not bother as the worst the remaining fish have been was a small bout of ick this past weekend/week.

Speaking of, on Sunday GF™ insisted on putting a dose of Ick Clear in the tank as she saw a big white dot on the Creamsicle Molly and thought it was ick. Doing so required us to take out the tank filter due to it coming with carbon already inside it. I saw that it was close to being plugged, so I tossed that one and got a new one ready to go. After 48 hours or so, the fish in question looked fine and thus I put the new filter in, which would have been Wednesday, March 26th.
Will keep an eye on tank filter and replace as necessary, noting here when completed.

Replaced exactly 6 gallons of water today.

Rearranged the plants and bridge decor a bit while the water was down, as well. Am hopeful it will entice the Plecostmus to come out more during the day with more hiding spots, but am not optimistic and will keep an eye on things.

Must remember to call nearby fish & aquatics store to inquire about Tap Water Replacement Filter Cartridge. Otherwise will have to look at new system or systems for filtering tank water for fish.

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