Fish can be beautiful and annoying at the same time.

Stopped by PetCo this afternoon for new fish. Picked up 3 new ones after finding the two from last Sunday and the latest Plecostmus floating around or under decorations.

Acquired a Silver-Blue Male Lyretail Swordtail, an Orange-Black Female Lyretail Swordtail and a Chinese Algae Eater.

Did an almost-complete water change of 6 gallons, replaced the tank filter, vacuumed the rock strata a good bit and scrapped off the algea from the sides of the tank. Also moved the decorations around.

CurrentLatest(?) roster of fish is as follows:
1 Female Red Molly
1 Female Orange Creamsicle Lyretail Molly
1 Long-finned Gold Danio
1 Zebra Danio
1 Neon Red Glofish Danio
1 Neon Green Glofish Danio
2 Female Gold Barbs
1 Silver-Blue Male Lyretail Swordtail
1 Orange-Black Lyretail Swordtail
1 Chinese Algea Eater

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