New fish or Balloon Mollies suck

Got a male Black Molly this morning to replace the Balloon Molly we lost last Saturday. We'll see how it goes.

Also learned that Swordtails are not Mollies but are their own species themselves, though they will crossbreed with Platies.

We definitely are never getting Ballon Mollies again as it seems they can't handle stress or something. The two or three we've ever had have died on us not too long after we brought them home. And thus, they suck.

With this, it seems we now have three Danios, three Platies, two Mollies, a Swordtail and a Plecostmus. Two more Danios and we'll have a Fibonacci tank.

Changed almost 4 gallons of water out of the tank today. Must have had some evaporation during the week, cause it looked like I got it right on the line in the bucket when I was done.

Updated attendance:
1 Plecostmus
1 Female Pineapple Swordtail
1 Male Black Molly
1 Female Creamsicle Lyretail Molly
1 Male Red Wag Platy
1 Female Blue Mickey Mouse Platy
1 Female Gold Twinbar Platy
1 Long-finned Danio
1 Neon Red Glofish Danio
1 Neon Green Glofish Danio

So, in other words, 1 Plecostmus, 1 Swordtail, 2 Mollies, 3 Platies & 3 Danios. Need a bigger tank for a Fibonacci sequence of fish.

1,1,2,3. 5 Eureka!

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